Heather Harrell in front of white building with hand on hip

My name is Heather, and I help entrepreneurs (just like you) have less stress in their business, more time with their family, and get back to the life they dreamed of having when they started their business.

And honestly, when it comes to my business and my “big why”, I’m a lot like you.

Because I started my business for all the same reasons you did – basically, I wanted MORE for my life

  • More control over my schedule
  • More money to help provide for my family
  • More time getting to do what I love and am good at
  • More time with my family
  • and the ability to make a difference in others’ lives at the same time!

That’s why I’m so dedicated about getting more for my clients, too. I understand – because I want the same things that they do (and that you want, too)!

And, luckily for you, all those financial tasks you hate dealing with – like preparing for taxes, reconciling your bank statements, wrangling with Quickbooks for automations and reports, and more – are all the things that I love to do!

Using my bookkeeping expertise (and Quickbooks-certified skills), I thrive on helping all of my clients have less stress in their business and more of their dreams in their lives. And I’d love to do the same for you!

“I really appreciate working with Heather. She takes the time to understand my specific business and needs. Working with her has allowed me to focus on my core business.”

– Bethany Simpson, Pathway Fitness and Wellness LLC


I’ve always been a nurturer by nature – and, honestly, I get the deepest thrill of satisfaction when I get to help others flourish.

It definitely comes naturally to me – as the oldest of four kids, I was always “the responsible one” in my family. In school, I was the girl you wanted to sit next to if you needed yesterday’s notes (I was always very thorough!). And in the kitchen, I’m that person who follows a recipe to. the. letter.

(Can you tell yet that I love details and organization?)

And that’s why I was so drawn to bookkeeping, and still love doing this work every day:

  • SATISFYING DETAILED WORK – When it comes to business finances, the devil is definitely in the details – and I love tracking down every transaction and safely putting each one in its proper place
  • SUPPORTING OTHERS – I love this work – but I know that most business owners don’t! It’s a stressful and time-consuming task – and I love the look of relief on their face when they realize they never have to deal with bookkeeping – or worry about tax season! – ever again. I love that what I do makes their lives so much better!
  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE – And, like I said before, I’m like you – I wanted work that would give me more time with my family! And as a virtual bookkeeper, it gives me the flexibility I need to work from home with my 4 young (and mysteriously extroverted!) kids

Win, win, win!

Heather Harrell sitting in a chair

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Heather on several projects. She’s very bright and VERY conscientious. I always know I can trust her work!”

– Chelsea Monk


Like I said before, I started my business for the same reason you started yours – to have “more” in my life, especially of my family!  

So, if I’m not reviewing your bank accounts and spreadsheets, you’ll be able to find me at one of my kids’ many sporting events, or enjoying a gourmet meal at home that my creative husband whipped up out of thin air!